Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS)

Volume 23, Issue 2, June 2019


* Atefeh Hasan-Zadeh : “Mathematical Modelling of Decision-Making: Application to Investment” (14 pages)

Tung Dang-Thanh Nguyen, Anh The Vo and * Duc Hong Vo: The Determinants of Systematic Risk in Vietnam” (21 pages)

* Franck Adékambi : “Moments of Phase-type Aging Modeling for Health Dependent Costs” (27 pages)

Kim-Hung Pho, Thi Diem-Chinh Ho, Tuan-Kiet Tran, and * Wing-Keung Wong : “Moment Generating Function, Expectation and Variance of Ubiquitous Distributions with Applications in Decision Sciences: A Review” (85 pages)

* Rangan Gupta and Mark E. Wohar : “Presidential Cycles in the USA and the Dollar-Pound Exchange Rate: Evidence from Over Two Centuries” (12 pages)

Dong Li, * Shiqing Ling, Howell Tong, and Guangren Yang : “On Brownian Motion Approximation of Compound Poisson Processes with Applications to Threshold Models” (27 pages). 

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