International Association of Decision Sciences (IADS)

Volume 23, Issue 3, September 2019


Buu-Chau Truong, Kim-Hung Pho, Van-Buol Nguyen, Bui Anh Tuan, and * Wing-Keung Wong : “Graph Theory and Environmental Algorithmic Solutions to Assign Vehicles: Application to Garbage Collection in Vietnam” (35 pages).

Suné Ferreira and * Zandri Dickason-Koekemoer : “The Relationship Between Depositor Behaviour and Risk Tolerance in a South African Context” (19 pages).

* Bunjira Makond and Mayuening Eso : “Predictive Models for Classifying the Outcomes of Violence: Case Study for Thailand’s Deep South” (36 pages).

Goodness C. Aye and * Rangan Gupta : “Macroeconomic Uncertainty and the Comovement in Buying versus Renting in the USA” (28 pages).

Duc Hong Vo, Phuong Doan Ho, Chi Minh Ho and * Michael McAleer : “The Gender Wealth Gap by Household Head in Vietnam” (32 pages).

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