International Association of Decision Sciences (IADS)

Volume 24, Issue 1, March 2020


Nguyen Duy Suu, Thu-Quang Luu, Kim-Hung Pho and *Michael McAleer : “Net Interest Margin of Commercial Banks in Vietnam” (27 pages)

Nguyen Huu Hau, Tran Trung Tinh, Hoa Anh Tuong and *Wing-Keung Wong : “Review of Matrix Theory with Applications in Education and Decision Sciences” (41 pages)

*Michael McAleer : “Protecting Scientific Integrity and Public Policy Pronouncements on COVID-19” (14 pages)

*Felipe González-Arango, María Angélica López-Ardila and Javier Corredor : “When Incentives Beat Nudges But Not Bounded Rationality: Partial Effects of Incentives on Academic Cheating” (35 pages)

*Hang Keun Ryu and Daniel J. Slottje : “Does Political Dominance Impact Economic Inequality?” (28 pages)

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