Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS)

Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2020


Mapitsi Rangata, *Sonali Das and Montaz Ali : “Analysing Maximum Monthly Temperatures in South Africa for 45 years Using Functional Data Analysis” (27 pages) 

*A.C. Mahasinghe and L.A. Sarathchandra : “An Optimization Model for Production Planning in the Synthetic Fertilizer Industry” (34 pages)

*M. McAleer : “Comments on Recent COVID-19 Research in JAMA” (20 pages)

Riza Demirer, *Rangan Gupta, Asli Yuksel and Aydin Yuksel : “The US Term Structure and Return Volatility in Global REIT Markets” (25 pages) 

Adrián Mendieta-Aragón and *Teresa Garín-Muñoz :  “Foreign Tourism in Andalusia: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis” (31 pages)

Fausto Corradin and *Domenico Sartore : “Risk Aversion: Differential Conditions for the Iso-Utility Curves with Positive Slope in Transformed Two-Parameter Distributions” (75 pages)

Chia-Lin Chang, *Michael McAleer and Vicente Ramos : “The Future of Tourism in the COVID-19 Era” (12 pages).

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