Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS)

Volume 26, Issue 3, September 2022


Rehana Ali Naqvi, Muhammad Irfan, Shabieh Farwa, Wing-Keung Wong, *Hijaz Ahmad : “Mode Shift Behavior of Commuters Toward Islamabad Metro Bus Service” (24 pages)

Hania Aminah, Massoud Moslepour, Hanif Rizaldy, Sarangerel Batchuluun, *Jovi Sulistiawan : “Understanding the Linear and Curvilinear Influences of Job Satisfaction and Tenure on Turnover Intention of Public Sector Employees in Mongolia” (28 pages)

Dao Le Kieu Oanh, Le Dinh Hac, Do Phuong Thao, *Shin-Hung Pan : “Review of Matrix Theory with Applications in Economics and Finance” (20 pages)

Waheed Ali, Raheel Gohar, *Bisharat Hussain Changm, Wing-Keung Wong: “Revisiting the impacts of globalization, renewable energy consumption, and economic growth on environmental quality in South Asia” (23 pages)

Janani Ravinagarajan, *Sharon Sophia: “Empirical Significance of Movements in Stock Trading Platforms in NSE Market Structure” (23 pages)

*Ashutosh Yadav: “Does ESG Compliance Boost Indian Companies’ and Investors’ Immunity Against Economic Uncertainties An Empirical Study” (17 pages)

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