Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS)

Volume 26, Issue 4, December 2022


Bui Anh Tuan, Kim-Hung Pho, Shin-Hung Pan, Wing-Keung Wong* : “Applications in Sciences in the prevention of COVID-19” (16 pages)

Quoc Hai Pham*, Diep Ho, Sarod Khandaker, Anh Tung Tran : “Investigating the effects of Accounting Law on the Credit Rating Models using Artificial Neural Networks: a study in Vietnam” (32 pages)

Raheel Gohar, Kashif Bhatty, Mohamed Osman, Wing-Keung Wong, Bisharat Hussain Chang* : “Oil prices and sectorial stock indices of Pakistan Empirical evidence using bootstrap ARDL model” (27 pages)

Ahmet Erulgen, Husam Rjoub*, Ahmet Adalier, Ahmad Abualrub: “Financial Inclusion and Bank Profitability: Evidence from Island Banking Sector” (19 pages)

Wing-Kwong Chan*, Ei-Yet Chu: “The Impacts of Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Ownership Structure on Firm Performance: A Case Study of Chinese Dual-Listed Companies” (28 pages)

Kundan Kumar, Rajendra Narayan Paramanik : “Dynamic Connectedness among Business Cycle, Financial Cycle, and Policy Uncertainty Index in India” (19 pages)

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