Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS)

Volume 27, Issue 3, September 2023


Mohammed Bouasabah*, Oshamah Ibrahim Khalaf : “A Technical Indicator for a Short-term Trading Decision in the NASDAQ Market” (13 pages)

Chong-Chuo Chang, Lin Lin, Yu-Cheng Chang*, Kun-Zhan Hsu : “Impact of Financial Liberalization on Firm Risk” (31 pages)

Herman Herman*, Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf : “Evidence from School Principals: Academic Supervision Decision-making on Improving Teacher Performance in Indonesia” (25 pages)

Wisam Abed Shukur, Zaid M. Jawad Kubba*, Saif Saad Ahmed : “Novel Standard Polynomial as New Mathematical Basis for Digital Information Encryption Process” (13 pages)

Shu-kam LEE, Paul Kwok-ching SHUM, Hugo Hin-to LEE, Kai-yin WOO* : “Purchasing Power Parity Between China and Selected BRI Countries in Asia” (22 pages)

Mosab I. Tabash*, Adel Ahmed, Linda Nalini Daniel, Yasmeen Elsantil : “Impact of Board Ownership Structure on Firm Value and Excessive Cash Holdings: Evidence from Pakistan” (25 pages)

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