Advances in Decision Sciences (ADS)

Volume 25, Issue 1, March 2021


*Rafael A. Acevedo, Elvis Aponte, Pedro Harmath and Jose U. Mora : “Rational Irrationality: A Two Stage Decision Making Model” (39 pages)

*Michael McAleer : “A Critique of Recent Medical Research in JAMA on COVID-19” (102 pages)

*Cheng-Yuan Ho and Ira Puspitasari : “Intelligent Transportation Systems in Smart Cities: Application to Taichung City Bus, Taiwan” (23 pages)

*Goodness C. Aye : “Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Uncertainty on Economic Activity in South Africa” (20 pages)

Aviral Kumar Tiwari, *Micheal Kofi Boachie and Rangan Gupta : “Network Analysis of Economic and Financial Uncertainties in Advanced Economies: Evidence from Graph-Theory” (27 pages)

*Michael McAleer : “A Critical Analysis of Some Recent Medical Research in Science on COVID-19” (116 pages)

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